Reservoir of Vitamins

A cup of Mango provides 100% of your daily requirement of Vitamin C. Besides Vitamin C, Mangoes are rich in Vitamin A, Vitamin B, and other antioxidants, which aid in keeping your immune system strong, fights cancerous cells, cholesterol control, and vision care.


These mangoes are large in size and golden yellow in colour. It is oblong in shape and has a prominent beak-like pointed end. These mangoes vary in length but are generally about 7 inches long. This variety of mango is known to contain nutrients, such as vitamins A, E, C & B5 and is an excellent source of Vitamin A and C.


The King of Fruits - that is the Alphonso Mango. Known for its full-bodied pulp, the rich flavour of its sweetness and the deep color of the fruit, the Alphonso mango is the most premium variety of mango. Alphonso Mango is high in beta-carotene, a precursor of vitamin A, and is a rich source of the vitamin B complex.


It’s a mix of Dasheri & Neelam. Orangish colour when ripe Very sweet & rich in taste. Used as juice or slices has a distinct honey flavour. One medium sized mango comprises of Calories, Protein, Carbohydrate, Fat, Fiber, Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Magnesium, Potassium, Calcium and Cholesterol.

Why Choose Us

Less Chemicals

Only the best farming methods, including vermin-composts, mulching Processing, organic herbicides and modern drip irrigation techniques are used to manage our farms that offer 99% chemical-free crops.

Safe Packing

Our Mangoes are safely packed in an attractive carton. The Carton is then carefully bubble wrapped packaging to avoid spoilage in transit. We bring to you the best quality Indian Mangoes from our orchards providing all varities of mangoes.


Our work team follows standard scientific norms for plant cultivation, manuring, plucking, grading, packaging and dispatch. All of our produce is grown organically, in a manner that optimizes the health of the farm's ecosystem

Soil Fertility

Our Mango orchard is self-sustained by using latest practices for maintaining soil fertility by the manure production of livestock inside the farm. We also practice crop rotation which helps in reducing soil erosion and increases soil fertility and crop yield.


Our work team uses eco-friendly tools to protect the environment. All of our produce is grown in a manner that optimizes the health of the farm's ecosystem

Our Core Values

Improving Agriculture, Improving Lives, Cultivating New Crops through innovation.

At Pavana Vatika, we are a mindful bunch of agri enthusiasts who never lose touch with the impact our business creates as we walk our journey. From the soil we work on, to the people we work with, we account for every detail we encounter and create.

The Best Time To Get Healthy Is Now.

The aim of PavanaVatika's innovation in agriculture is to produce high quality, nutritious crop that contributes to preventive health care and well-being. With improved taste, flavor and nourishment, the benefits of healthy crops are multipronged. It’s a natural complement to a healthier life-style, and builds a stronger immunity to prevent health complications caused by chemically grown crops.

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